iPod vs Zune

iPod vs Zune. There’s a question for you.

Let’s face it. It’s a very biased internet out there. Everywhere you look, people from both camps are trying to tell sell you on one player or the other – the iPod for this feature, or the Zune for that one.

With all this contradictory advice flying around the internet about iPod vs Zune, who – and what – are you to believe?

It’s clear that what you really need are the facts. A source for plainly stated facts that will help you make up your own mind.

Well, here you go. From battery life to storage space to accessories – ten bite-sized bullet points, each one laying out the raw data for one specific category.

So settle down with a nice steaming cup of coffee and judge for yourself:

* Price: Both the Zune and the iPod cost $249. According to members of the Zune team at Microsoft, they’re “determined” not to let Apple undercut their price.

Because the two MP3 players have the same price, we can focus on how the actual features of the two devices stack up.

* Screen size: The Zune’s display is definitely larger, measuring 3 inches diagonal versus the iPod’s 2.5.

The Zune’s screen also supports a special wide-screen mode which makes watching movies and viewing photos a huge amount easier.

* Storage: The $249 versions of the Zune and the iPod both store 30 gigabytes of songs, photos, and videos. They’re equal in that regard.

The iPod, however, comes in a few other sizes too – the largest being 80 gigabytes. But as one would expect, you pay for that extra storage space: the 80 GB version costs as much as $349.

* Wireless features: The iPod has no wifi features – period – and the Zune does.

The Zune is all about connectedness – it allows you to wirelessly share songs, playlists, and photos with your friends so they can enjoy them too.

The shared songs can be listened to free for “three days or three plays” – and if they’re any good, “flagged” for purchase in the Zune Marketplace online music store.

Also, Microsoft is expected to roll out even more wireless features soon. We’ll almost certainly be getting features like wireless syncing – and the wireless downloading of new music from the device itself, without any need at all for a computer.

And because of the Zune’s excellent updating software, the new features will automatically work with all existing Zune devices.

* Operating systems: In this category, the winner is definitely the iPod, at least right now. The Apple media player syncs with both MacOS and Windows. The Zune, on the other hand, only supports Windows at launch.

If you’re a heavy MacOS user searching for a new MP3 player, or if you’re buying one for someone who doesn’t have Windows, right now the iPod might be a better choice.

* Overall size: The iPod is slightly slimmer than the Zune, which has more built-in features.

* Battery Life: The iPod battery lasts a couple hours longer than the Zune’s, at fourteen hours versus the Zune’s twelve.

* Accessories: Apple’s MP3 player was released over half a decade ago. As a result, it has accumulated thousands of accessories and add-ons for a wide variety of tasks.

The Zune, by contrast, is a brand new player, and so less products have been made to work with it. Yet, anyway: We can expect more companies to release accessories to the Zune as it becomes more established.

* Radio: The Zune lets you listen to FM radio – it’s built in, so it works right out of the box. The iPod does radio too, but only with an additional, separately purchased add-on product, which costs $49.00.

* Content: Both the Zune Marketplace and iTunes offer tracks for $0.99.

Microsoft offers a monthly subscription service, too. If you have a $15/month “Zune Pass,” you can download unlimited music with no additional charges.

The Zune also will have six movie studios and thirty TV networks stocking its Zune Marketplace. For movies, Apple currently has only Disney, but for television they have the edge with forty-five networks.

So what do you think? Which one’s for you?

Either way, here’s something we can be sure of: iPod vs Zune is a hot competition. Both devices have their own individual ups and downs.

But only one can be the best.

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2 responses to “iPod vs Zune

  1. Anonomus

    Two things i disagree on 1. the wireless on zune sucks i mean come on 3 times 3 days? No Internet? 2. screen size does not matter when you have the same resolution as in this case with ipod and zune.

  2. Music and entertainment, your way. That’s what the Zune 80 GB Digital Media Player is designed to deliver. The Zune easily connects you with your music, videos, and pictures wherever and whenever you want, and unlike the iPod, it even has a built-in FM tuner so you can keep up with local news and sports. Your Zune gives you the power to wirelessly share full-length tracks, playlists, pictures and podcasts with your other Zune-wielding friends. And when you receive songs that you just can’t get out of your head, you can easily tag the songs and buy them the next time you sync up. Whether you’re listening to music, radio, or rocking out to the latest music videos on the bright, roomy screen, the Zune allows you to tailor your entertainment, right in the palm of your hand.

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